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Stray Cats

Our field cats or ‘Field Crew’ as we call them, is a colony of about 25 local stray cats we feed twice every day. We’ve fed the local stray cats here for ten years and it used to be just a handful of cats scouring through the dumpster placed along the road in this spot.

Throughout the years we’ve seen a lot of stray cats perish due to the rough street life. We resolved we’d do all we can for them, and over the last few years especially, we’ve been able to spay/neuter them all and provide each cat with whatever medical care they needed; such as dental work, cleaning of bite wounds, removal of throat and ear polyps - and we give them all quarterly parasite treatment. Apart from that, we feed them a high quality food which greatly improves their quality of life and immune system, and we have indeed seen this colony transform from scrawny sickly cats to stunning looking cats that no one would guess are unwanted stray cats! They’re all in a beautiful condition - thanks to a sponsor program we put in place for them two years ago. And of course they’ve each got a name!

Lend A Hand

We started out feeding field crew cats on a wall along the road where they’d all hang out by the dumpster looking for scraps of food, but since it’s a dangerous spot with traffic rushing past we got them inside the field with the agreement of a farmer who rents the land. The cats are at least safer being fed inside this field but we dream of one day owning our own field where we can put up enclosures and most of all, create a small shelter that will offer them a roof over their heads when the winter weather gets rough, wet and icy cold.

You can help support this unique group of stray cats by becoming a "Field Crew Sponsor".

You can also help us with the important mission of buying a small piece of land nearby where they can live sheltered and in safety. Please follow the link to our GoFundMe page…

In addition, we've rescued many sick cats and kittens from here. Sadly it's also a place where the locals take unwanted kittens. They simply just leave them by the dumpster or some even throw them inside the dumpster. We have rescued newborns out of the dumpster! Thankfully we've been able to rehome a lot of cats from here via our adoption program. It's very special for us to see these cats and kittens in new homes and we're immensely grateful to the special people who've opened their hearts and homes to these remarkable cats! You can find some of these special cats up for adoption.

From The Field, To A Home